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There is nothing easy about taxes. things are always changing which can make things difficult for those of us that do our taxes. Keeping up with deductions to reduce taxes due can be a challenge. Some of the tax forms such as the 1099k have become more contentious then ever before. At we found the tax form to be more understandable so you can follow what you need to know. There are also many interesting tax facts that help with other deductions for people with questions on employee deductions all the way to education and travel expenses. We need all of the information we can get to save money in this economy and the best place to start saving our money is when doing our taxes.

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Guest post from: Kent Lara

I found this channel on direct.TV called Fit TV. This is a great channel if you are into working out and getting in shape. I really don’t have the time or money to join a gym so this is a perfect alternative for me. They have a show on there that is for body sculpting. So it is like having a personal trainer telling all these different ways to work out to make you look better. There is a Yoga program that my daughter really likes. I’m sorry but I just can’t get into all that. My daughter is into living healthy, eating healthy, and working out. Yoga fits right in with what she is all about. At least if I try to do Yoga, it will be in my own house where nobody will see me. They also have programs on that channel that teach you how to eat right. There is a show that shows you how to eat less carbs. I am sure if I look around on that channel there are other kind of diet type shows as well. There is also a Diet Doctor that I have not watched yet. I am sure it is some doctor giving you tips on exercise and diet. Right now I know way more than I am using. I am just excited to find something that is more than just something to watch while sitting around becoming a couch potato.

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